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پيام سپاس جناب زاهدی در 93 سالمين زادروزشان اکتبر 2021

اردشير زاهــــــدی

Ardeshir Zahdi Birthday Thank you message 18 October 2021 (Birth day 16 October 1928)

جناب آقای زاهدی سپاس های قلبی خود را بمناسبت پيام های شادباشی که فرستاده شده بود نوار صدای زير را درپاسخ دوستان و فاميل پر کرده اند.

Exc. Zaheri, Expressing his heartfelt gratitude, in response to your kind birthday greetings, H. E. recorded this audio message for you, dear friends and family.

My dearest, beloved loyal noble precious friends I do want to thank you, the only way I have to borrow from Shakespeare the K, Shakespeare the K, and what is thank you, thank you, thank you an again thank you, I wanted to tell you how much in this age and this position I am, touched by heart, and made the honor to hear from you, so many amazing noble friends, the only thing again I can tell you. I wish I would be still here, and have a chance to see you, which gives God almighty to allow me, and also for all of you, joy, happiness, love, peace, and anything you may wish, almighty to give. Again, I thank you, and very sincerely hug you, thank you.

As ever


18 Oct 2021

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