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The following books are interesting reference books on Iran, not nececerily supported by this site

Book Title Writer
Between Two RevolutionsEdward Abrahamian
The Iranian Revolution Gholam R. Afkhami
The Past Has Another Pattern George W. Ball
Behind The Scenes In U.S. Foreign Policy James A. Bill
Between You And MePearl Baily
Power At PlayBetty Bill
The Eagle And LionJames A. Bill
Keeping FaithJimmy E. Carter
Le Chah D'IranChroni Que
She Made Friend And Kept Them Flour Cowles
Ambassador At SeaHenry E. Cato
Oil Power And PrincipalMostafa Elm
Palace Of SolitudeSoraya Esfandiari
Iran Michael J. Fisher
Blood And OilManocher Farmanfarmaian
The Man Of Many WorldsGhassem Ghani
U.S. Foreign Policy And The Shah Mark J. Gasiozowski
Mission To TehranRobert Huyser (General
Turbulent IranSir Eldon Griffiths
An Ambassador's Wife In Iran Cynthia Helms
The Fall Of The ShahFereydoun Hoveyda
A Picture Of PersiaMohammad Ali Issari
The Man In The MirrorCarole Jerome
Crisis. The Last Year Of Carter Presidency Hamilton Jordan
All The Shah's MenStephen Kinzer
Debacles: The American Failure In Iran Michael Ledeem/William Lewis
American Presidents & Middle East George Lenczowski
The Making Of Iran's Islamic Revolution Mohsen Milani
Answer To HistoryMohammad Reza Pahlavi (The Shah)
From Plassey To PakistanHomayun Mirza
Iran The Clash Of Ambitions Houshang Nahavandi
From Palace To PrisonEhsan Naraghi
The Shah Of IranHoushang Nahavandi
The Pride And The FallAnthony Parsons
Faces In A MirrorPrincess Ashraf Pahlavi
An Enduring LoveQueen Farah Pahlavi
The PartSally Quinn
Paved With Good IntentionBarry Rubin
In The Service Of The Peacock Throne Parviz Radji
Counter CoupKermit Roosvelt
MemoirsDavid Rockefeller
The Shah Last RideWilliam Showcross
American Held HostagePierre Salinger
Inside The Iranian Revolution John D. Stempel
The Turban For The CrownSaid Amir Arjomand
Mission To IranBill Sullivan
All Fall DownGary Sich
Audition A MemoirBarbara Walters
Adventure In The Middle East Donald Wiber
Power And PrincipleZbigniew Brzezinski
Iran Since The RevolutionSepehr Zahib
Life SentenceHartley Showcross
The Spirit Of AllahAmir Teheri
Net Of SpiesAmir Taheri
Hard ChoicesSyrus Vance
Silent MissionsVernon Walters
Mission For PeaceWilliam Warne
The Life and Times of the Shah Gholam R. Afkhami
Eminent Persians (in 2 volumes)
The men and women who made modern Iran, 1941-1979
Dr. Abbas Milani
A world of trouble.
The White House and the Middle East From the Cold War to the War on Terror
Patrick Tyler, Farrar Staus and Giroux
Jimmy Carter: The Liberal Left and World Chaos Mike Evans
نماد ملی شاهنشاهی

Sun and Lion
نماد ملی ايران

نماد ملکه ايران

نماد وليعهد ايران

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